Blur (Unofficial name) - Part 1

Blur (Unofficial name) - Part 1
@Tuan Anh Nguyen

Sitting on the bus on my way home, I pondered the day. The bus was packed with people, jostling and chatting. The engine roared and the brakes squeaked. In the seat, I couldn’t remember anything. The bus pulled up to my stop, and I got off.

I stumbled along the familiar streets, feeling lost and disoriented. What had I done all day? Why couldn’t I remember anything? This must be a symptom of some kind of disease. By the time I arrived home, everything seemed normal. My wife greeted me, asking about my day at work. But something was off. The person in front of me wasn’t my wife. At least, she wasn’t in my limited memory.

Everything that evening seemed slightly off. I couldn’t even remember her name. After I greeted her, I rushed to our bedroom and looked through some papers, hoping to find her name somewhere. It was Jasmine, my best friend from college. I didn’t remember marrying her.

“Honey, the food got delivered, I got what you want from earlier, come out and eat with me,” Jasmine called out to me.

I walked out of the bedroom, a little bit confused. I couldn’t remember what I had wanted for dinner, but apparently it was black bean noodle. At least I got my favourite right.

“Jasmine, how was your day?” I asked, eager to learn more about this woman who seemed to be my wife.

“It was just the usual stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. I had about 125 guests today, so the restaurant was pretty crowded, but we were well-prepared, so it was rather chill. How about yours?” Jasmine smiled.

Now I know that my wife is a chef in a restaurant. That sounded awesome. Now what was I supposed to say to her?

“It was rather uneventful for me,” I said, deciding to give her the closest thing to the truth. “I can’t remember anything.”

Jasmine’s smile faded. “Oh,” she said. “What, do you mean nothing at all? Are you not telling me something”

“No, it just pretty normal, I will not bore you with the detail. Just another bad day, I guess.” I laughed nervously, before I know what is going on, I should keep this as a secret.

The conversation surprisingly flows well, considered I didn’t remember anything before I board the bus. This feeling is slowing drives me insane, what am I doing before boarding the bus. I'm starting to open my phone and check my location history, I always have it on to recorded everywhere I go. I focus on the small dot through alley and street, nothing seems out of the ordinary. The memory starting to come back to me as I follow the dot, I remember my day until the dot go into the bus, right at that point, my mind goes blank. My whole my become a tornado of information which I couldn’t outrun, every detail I can remember, it just goes in the tornado and spin around and around to an eventually unrecognizable

After dinner, Jasmine went to bed. I stayed up for a while, staring at the ceiling. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I was determined to find out.

The next morning, I look in Jasmine spot and realize she has been gone for hours. I just realized I don’t even know where I work, or which occupation am I.